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Marketing and branding for the uncommon, unconventional, and the incomparable business.

What do you get when you have three creatives who specialize in marketing, photo, video, design and copywriting? You get Cattywampus! And you get branding that feels like it was pulled directly from your dreams. 

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Business soul work

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Together, we’ll look into the heart and soul of your brand and bring your truth out to share with the world.

buh-bye boring branding

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No one else is quite like you. Your branding should reflect that. Our designs are the stuff of dreams brought to life.

photo and video

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Jaw-dropping photos and cinematic video, all shot with you and your brand as our vision.

Off-kilter marketing

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What’s off-kilter? Well, that’s Cattywampus. Marketing that comes from unexpected angles, unique perspectives and bold directions.

Awesome sauce recipe makers

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You and your brand are awesome. We’ll help you make the recipe for your secret sauce.

Killer copywriting

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We believe in the power of words. Words that can squeeze, prod, persuade, invoke emotion and deliver the goods.

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Meet your Cattywampus team, here to harness magic and imagination to build your brand.

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Casi Vagher

Casi creates bold and vibrant photos and videos that provoke emotion and awe. In addition to her camera skills, she has created unique marketing campaigns that peak curiosity in the tech and construction industries for the last five years.

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Levi Noe

Levi is a born storyteller with an MFA in creative writing. He has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and businesses to share their unique stories with authentic voices. From tech to design, law to health and wellness, wedding photography to hospitality, Levi can find the words that speak for brands in any industry.

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Kateri Kramer

Kateri Kramer is an illustrator, hand lettering artist, and children's book illustrator. She has worked with Core Power Yoga, Regis University and numerous authors. Her passion is helping clients create singular, powerful, and beautiful branding.

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