We don't believe in boring marketing. We believe in standing out like a sore thumb. We're the purple cow, the pink elephant in the room, the peacock in the business meeting. We've never wanted to blend in. Neither should you. We believe that good marketing will make a bold statement, and demand your audiences attention. We're not here to fit the status quo, we're here to raise the bar. You could say our approach is daring. Its audacious. It's wild. It's disruptive. It's off-kilter. It's Cattywampus.


We believe in community and collaboration over competition. That's why we're one part business, one part club. We actually have a club! This is were we foster education, innovation and collaboration. WHO ELSE HAS A CLUB? No one. We're in the process of growing and developing, but our clubhouse offers free resources for entrepreneurs, authors, and artists looking to develop their marketing and creative skills. We hand out free educational tools and resources. We have a forum. And in the future, we'll have events! Okay, so maybe it's a cult. Cult? Club? Community? Same difference. 

cassandra vagher

For standing 5’3” you’d be surprised just how audacious Cassandra is (and how high she can jump!). Her marketing and business mantra has always been, “go big or go home,” resulting in bold marketing campaigns that demand attention. She believes in saying it loud, proud and beautifully. She likes drawing in the attention prospects and making competitors sweat at tradeshows. This strategy suits her upbeat, quirky and loud personality. Besides her marketing skills Cassandra is a magician with the camera, creating bold and vibrant imagery through both photo and video.

fun facts

  • I have 2 college degrees - BS in Business Administration -Marketing, BA in Visual Arts - Photography, and a Masters certificate in Development Practice.

  • I am a second-degree black belt in karate

  • I was a mermaid at the aquarium for about two months

  • I love craft beer, especially sours- Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett Sour Cherry is my fave

  • Favorite superhero: Deadpool (not really a superhero)

  • I have a Siberian husky named Echo that’s my best friend and spirit animal. She’s 4 years old and has a total attitude, just like her mom. 

  • Baby Groot > Baby Yoda

  • I have a documentary premiering in London in 2021at a film festival

levi noe

Levi is a born storyteller with an MFA in creative writing. He has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and businesses to share their unique stories with authentic voices. Tech, design, law, health and wellness, wedding photography to hospitality, Levi can find the words that speak for brands in any industry. He has over 60 works of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry published. Levi’s non-writing life includes: beer snobbery, yoga, cycling, snowboarding, reading graphic novels, traveling, and being a husband and father.

fun facts

  • I’ve been to 14 countries and 3 continents but plan on seeing a whole lot more.

  • In another job, I’m a craft brewery tour guide

  • Massive Star Wars nerd

  • I was certified as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India

  • Favorite superhero: Wolverine

  • Favorite drinks: Craft beer — Belgians, sours and anything imperial or barrel-aged

  • DIY fiend: kombucha, lip balms, homemade perfumes and colognes, deodorants, cleaning sprays, etc., etc.

  • I make a mean curry

kateri kramer

Kateri is a designer, artist and illustrator of all things. When she was little she actually wanted to be a book designer and now she gets to do just that! Kateri has worked in the book industry for 4 years, as a bookseller, as a marketing director, and at a publisher doing marketing and book design. Her design philosophy: 1. A strict color palette can be your best friend. 2. Stand out because no one is just like you. 3. Imbuing your aesthetic with as much personality as possible is what will make you stand out. 4. The little details matter HUGELY!

fun facts

  • Favorite book - Jazz by Toni Morrison

  • Stress baker (I bake when I get stressed)

  • Rock climber and mountaineer

  • Dad was an artist, mom was a journalist

  • Otters are my favorite animal

  • I’ve had several of my essays published in various literary magazines

  • Favorite place in Colorado is the San Juans

  • I'm a self-taught potter


shawn cremer

Shawn Cremer is a creative working across categories, focusing on engaging the Millennial & Gen-Z set through experiential, social, and multi-channel initiatives. The complexity of today's world requires bridging digital and IRL experiences. The most effective way to do that is a combination of storytelling and design. As a brand strategist and digital marketer, he helps brands achieve their goals and reach their desired audience through a research-backed intuitive strategy.

fun facts

  • I hold a B.A. in Diplomacy & World Affairs after studying in four different cities.

  • Strategist & Marketer by day, my true love is hosting parties — dinner parties, cocktail parties, garden parties — you name it!

  • I speak English and French and am now learning German.

  • My favorite animals are elephants (did you know they think humans are cute?)

  • I love maximalist interior design — Give me colors! Give me textures! Give me patterns!

  • I am a playwright, with four one-act premiers at Curious Theatre in Denver.

  • My favorite book is Claire-Louise Bennett's collection of might-be-essays/might-be-stories, Pond

  • I write a newsletter of cultural criticism and trend analysis at