4 Free Marketing Tools You Need to Use

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Whether you're a one-person show wearing multiple hats or you're a mega marketing team, these tools will help you streamline, plan, and strategize your online marketing campaigns.

1. Answer the Public Answer the Public is my go-to place to find out what people are searching for on the internet. Type in your keyword(s) and Answer the Public will generate a list of what people are searching for. This is an excellent resource for content ideas, as well as knowing how to title your articles for blog posts and youtube videos. Good news - it's free up to three searches a day. Monthly cost - $99 for unlimited searches.

2. Tailwind As a wedding photographer, I have a vast amount of images to post on Instagram and Pinterest. As a marketer for a software company, I have few, but the posts are much more strategic. Tailwind is a scheduling tool for both Instagram and Pinterest. I generally spend 2-3 hours planning out a few weeks of content ahead of time. I know my posts are automated and on schedule, and I can see the impressions continually growing because of the consistency of my posts. Tailwind also offers tribes. Tribes are groups you can join to help promote each other's content on these platforms. It's free for your first 100 pins and the first 30 Instagram posts. After that, it's $120 annually for each platform.

3. Google Trends Have you ever argued with a coworker over the relevance of a term? Are you consistently using the wrong term, and it's not what people are searching for? For instance, my team wanted to use "BIM Coordination" versus "Virtual Design Construction." Both are very specific to the software side of the Architecture and Construction industries. However, one was more commonly used and searched than the other. Google Trends helped us figure out that discrepancy. Like most Google resources, this is free!

4. CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer One of the most common mistakes I see my marketing consulting clients make is crappy headlines. I get it, I'm not claiming to be a writer either, but if your headline isn't catchy your clickthrough rates and opens on your emails, blog posts, or social media aren't going to be award-winning. The headline analyzer is a free tool that compares your headline to others, tells you what to add, subtract, or change. Best of all, it's completely free in exchange for your email and phone number.

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