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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There are some pretty dreamy jobs in this world, and we think Jack Ludlam's is about as heavenly as it gets. In a complete hipster kind of way. The twenty-nine-year-old is a full-time fine art photographer that captures vintage artifacts in a fashion that looks hand-drawn. His work is unconventional. Yet it has balance. While it's clean and minimalist, it's detailed and punchy. It has a documentary, journalistic feel, yet it's a sophisticated piece of art. His subject matter ranges from weathered chainsaws, hard-working hands, textured logs, to old matchboxes lost and found. His style, which is primarily black and white, adds character to the worn and torn items he captures. More often than not, his photographs are confused for pencil drawings. Jack himself is somewhat unorthodox. His livelihood depends on his art, and you'd think in this day and age, all artists would have every form of social media out there. You'd be shocked, Ludlam doesn't even have a Facebook profile, and he dreads logging into Instagram, sometimes waiting months between posts. This is where Cattywampus Club comes in - Jack hired our team to maintain his Instagram profile and create content with him monthly.

Jack had already built himself an audience, and although he wasn't posting regularly, when he did, he was receiving upwards of 300+ likes per post. He came to us wanting to post three times per week, verse his sporadical one or two posts per month. However, he couldn't figure out how to generate that much content to fill his feed. Together we decided that a once a month lifestyle/brand photoshoot would help create enough material for his Instagram. To coordinate we've been using an application that allows us to plan his feed before posting. His brand personality and aesthetic is an extension of himself. This has led us to be more careful with the curation of his content, to make it consistent with his previous work and true to Jack.

In addition to his Instagram, we will be curating a Facebook and Pinterest page for his photography. It's honestly impressive how he has had so much success off Instagram alone! To scale his business and expand his marketing, we've decided to move to other platforms. For Pinterest, we are building up a backlog of photos, that way we can bulk upload and share 25 pins per day leading to his website and blog. For Facebook, we plan to begin posting 3 times weekly in coordination with his Instagram posts.

For more information or to view Jack's work visit: jackludlam.com

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