Kathy Winograd - Case Study

Kathryn Winograd has authored 5 books, including Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children, the book we worked on with Kathy. Kathy is well known among the creative nonfiction community, particularly those who are interested in the lyric essay. She’s received numerous award nominations, including three Pushcart Prize nominations. She knows her way around a sentence, but when she came to us, she made it clear she didn’t know up from down when it came to marketing.

Cattywampus built a package for Kathy that had a little bit of everything: photos, video, branding, web design. You name it! We started out with getting photos and footage for a book trailer. The book trailer for Slow Arrow is a little bit different than what you might be expecting because the book is quiet and lyrical. We really wanted to focus on the imagery and the movement that makes Kathy’s writing so outstanding. She relies heavily on influences from the natural world, particularly her cabin in Phantom Canyon, Colorado where many of the essays take place. The gritty beauty of weather, wood and boots crunching on gravel were some of our landmarks for the video. It needed to represent the book as a whole while simultaneously luring in someone who might not find Kathy’s writing on Amazon or Goodreads.

After getting Kathy’s branding and visual assets in place, we started working on some publicity needs. When an author publishes a book through a small press, it’s oftentimes left to the author to pick up some of the marketing and publicity slack. Kateri helped Kathy build a solid publicity platform with any marketing and visual assets that bookstores or conferences would need. We also made a concerted effort to get as many blurbs and book reviews as possible for the book. Using Amazon A+ we drove more people to Slow Arrow’s book page with beautiful visuals and some blurbs about the book and why you’d want to read it.

So many authors, those who are published and those seeking publication, need a little extra help to get their name and their words out there. Two of our founding members, Kateri and Levi, are both writers with publications to their name and know what it’s like to try to manage the business side of being a writer with the creative side. Kateri has also worked in the book industry for many years and understands what publishers are looking for in their authors. We were so glad to be able to help Kathy put some extra human-power behind this gorgeous collection of essays.

*Note: Cattywampus created Kathy’s website, which she has made some changes to since it’s delivery. Cattywampus did not write any of the website copy and the photos of Kathy are the only ones that were taken by us.

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