Mary Collier- Sculptor Photo Shoot

Updated: May 5, 2020

Mary Collier has been a practicing multi-media artist for 40+ years. She began her career as a sculptor in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She became known for her large scale sculptures that featured stories of the indigenous people in Alaska and Arctic regions. She later moved to Colorado and her art began to change. She’s always been quirky and creative, but her work began to get more and more colorful and eccentric, which we love. She’s creating pieces unlike anything in the artisan market.

We worked with Mary to get photos of several of her collections so that she could use them on social media and later on a website. The works featured in the photographs taken by Casi are part of:

  • Shrine Collection

  • Bird Collection

  • Day of the Dead Collection

Cattywampus Club believes that storytelling can be a powerful tool for artists. It gives viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation for an artist's craft when they have some kind of photo or video illustrating the process. We took lifestyle photos of Mary making these pieces so that we could help her put a face to the amazing art she creates.

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