Matt Meagher - Case Study

We LOVE working with authors, and working with Matt was such a pleasure! Similar to Kathryn Winograd, Matt opted for a pretty extensive package with everything from branding and design to a marketing plan.

Here’s what we worked on with Matt:

  • Portrait and lifestyle photos

  • Marketing Plan and marketing coaching outlining ways to get his book into the hands of eager readers

  • Book cover and interior design

  • Web design

  • Full personal branding including all necessary digital assets.

We decided to kick off the project with Matt with a photoshoot. Matt wanted both lifestyle images as well as some more traditional portraits that could be used on the back of his book and LinkedIn. Casi worked with Matt for several hours and made sure to get lots of images that were saturated with personality. Matt wanted us to make sure that his laid back attitude and his love of books and writing were apparent.

Next comes the marketing plan and coaching. It can be really difficult for authors to feel like they have authentic and interesting ways to market themselves without constantly repeating “HEY! I’M AN AUTHOR. PLEASE BUY MY BOOK.” That’s where we come in. We’re all about inventive and genuine marketing. All of that was outlined to a T in Matt’s marketing strategy plan. We always set up some coaching when clients opt in to a marketing plan to make sure they have all their questions answered in person, in addition to showing them some tips and tricks to save time and get a better return on the hours they put into marketing.

Hand in hand with the marketing plan comes the branding. So many authors don’t realize that this is something they need, but guess what? THEY DO! Kateri has looked at many, many query letters and book proposals, and when the author doesn’t have a marketing platform or plan, and they don’t understand that they’re the product/brand just as much as the book they’re trying to sell, it’s hard to take on that author and expect them to be able to sell their own book. Matt knew this and was totally gung-ho to get started. He has a strong Irish heritage that’s very important to him and shows up frequently in his writing. When we began drafting options for a logo, we took several different approaches but eventually settled on the lion that is featured in the Meagher crest. We also opted to use some of the colors from the Irish flag, with a slight change in tone to make them look a bit classier and polished. Along these standard branded assets, Matt also received Amazon A+ content, personal stationery, and mocked up images for social media and his website.

When Matt finished the manuscript for Irish Town he decided that he wanted all the decision-making power when publishing his book so he went through IngramSpark, a self publishing platform. Although IngramSpark is great for self published authors, they must provide a completely finished set of documents including the cover, spine, back cover, and interior of the book. Go to any bookstore and you’ll be able to see which books have been self-published and which ones were produced from a press. We didn’t want Matt’s book to look self-published, and because we have plenty of experience in the book industry, we knew it wouldn’t. Matt’s cover could easily stand alongside any other YA novel published from a large press — it’s following many of the same trends that we’re seeing on youth covers this year. Additionally, we were meticulous about making sure the interior was well designed - looking at formatting requirements that you might not know about unless you’d designed books before.

This was such a cool project to work on because we really see Matt through on every part. We’re so grateful that he chose us and we’re damn proud of the excellent book he’s put out into the world.

*Note: Matt made some of his own changes to our original website, edited photos and wrote his own copy.

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