Melody Sinclair - Case Study

Melody Sinclair is a simultaneously edgy and beautifully lyrical fiction writer. We worked with her on a web design and some minimal branding. She wanted her visual assets to represent her writing and her personality.

When we got one of Melody’s initial emails she sent this about her preferred aesthetic. It was then that we knew we were a perfect fit for each other!

As for my preferred aesthetic…I like... color that is moody. I really liked Resa’s book cover that you made (colorful, but with the serpent so it feels dark too). I’m drawn to traditionally beautiful things that are just a little “off”. This is weird, but I like the image from Gone Girl where he smears her red lipstick (beautiful woman with an obvious flaw). Everything I write has a woman protagonist. Much of it is about the ridiculous nature of being “feminine".

Creepy and feminine! Beautiful things that are a little “off”! What else could a brand designer really ask for? We decided to use antique botanicals paired with moody colors to get her to the aesthetic she was looking for.

*Note: Cattywampus worked on Melody’s branding and website, however the photos and copy were not created by us.

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