Thomas "Detour" Evans - Book Trailer

If you’re from Denver, or if you’ve ever found yourself wandering around the hip, industrial neighborhood of RiNo or Five Points, you’ve probably seen Thomas Evans’ colorful, eye catching murals. Evans goes by Detour, a name he adopted in high school - it stuck and it’s how he signs all of his pieces now.

Detour is a self-taught artist with an MBA who believes that the business and marketing side of art is just as important as the actual painting. When we heard that his first book Be The Artist: The Interactive Guide To A Lasting Art Career was being published through Fulcrum Publishing, we were anxious to see how we could help!

Be The Artist is an Interactive guide to creating a solid foundation for a lasting art career. Be The Artist not only provides you with tips about how to enter the art world and how to navigate through nuances, but also how to become a self-sufficient creative. This book is an everyday companion and is full of insightful information you can use to make decisions based on your specific situation.

The book features interactive note-taking and doodle pages, interviews and quotes from other well known artists, and piles upon piles of advice for the seasoned or newbie artist.

When we started working with Fulcrum and Detour, we knew that the book trailer needed to show lots of color and we were lucky to be able to film during a beautiful and interactive exhibit at the Redline gallery called The Five Pointers. Much of the footage you see in the book trailer was taken there. But that’s not it. So much of being an artist is about managing your time, answering emails about proposals or contracts, that un-sexy stuff you don’t often remember when you’re standing in a packed gallery. The other footage from the trailer was taken in Detour’s studio.

Check out more of Detour’s work here.

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