Website Design and Branding for The Joy of Discovery Project.

After a weird and difficult year of teaching online due to COVID-19, special education teacher and angler, Hannah, decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business – The Joy of Discovery Project. She wanted to create a program for students that directly addressed the current education situation with online learning while combining two of her passions, fly fishing and teaching. Cattywampus Club provided the following services for The Joy of Discovery Project:

  • Website design

  • Branding

  • Illustration

Our goal was to give a clean, yet fun and energized look to this brand new program. We opted for an earthy color palette to keep things in line with the mission and goals of the business. Above you'll see a little bit of our logo process. The rough sketches on the left were a first pass at combining what was important to Hannah. On the left is the final logo. It was important to us that we really filled it with character. That meant choosing a highly illustrated look that was colorful and fun.

Cattywampus Club provided all the illustrations on the website, which is right in line with one of our main philosophies: making YOU and YOUR BRAND stand out! The Joy of Discovery Project's guiding principles are at the core of what the company is about. It was important to us that they had a prominent place on the website and their imagery really stood out and emulated what each of those principles meant to Hannah.

In addition to the guiding principles, we created icons for several of the other elements on the website. Above you'll see illustrations for each of the subject matters that a parent can book a trip for. We went with illustrated portraits instead of photographs for each of the student testimonials and icons for each type of trip offered.

You'll also find plenty of other little illustrations scattered throughout the website.

*Note: Cattywampus Club did not provide copywriting services or photography services for The Joy of Discovery Project. All copy and photography were provided by Hannah.

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