Website Design, Video, and Photography for Vagher Hardwood Floors

After several years with the same website, Vagher Hardwood Floors needed a facelift. His previous website had three pages, no SEO, iPhone photos, and wasn't with the times. As hands-on as owner Mike Vagher is with his craft, he wants to be very hands-off with his website. Understandable! Cattywampus Club provided the following services for Vagher Hardwood Floors:

  • Website design

  • Videography

  • Branding Photography

  • SEO Optimization

  • New branding (color and aesthetic)

Our goal was to give a clean, new facelift, but add charm through using Mike's actual tools (at least the ones we could get our hands on), and make the 33-year-old company look as established and quality as it is. We utilized a beige color to match the flooring, but an accent burgundy to give the website a bit of a pop. Instead of having lifestyle type branding photos that we usually opt for with our artists, we decided to have clean pictures of his tools, using them as design elements throughout the website. The branding set him apart from his local competitors with a much more branded feel. The home page opens with a great video showcasing one of Vagher Hardwood Floors' recent projects, illustrating his precision and excellence in his craft. The video set the tone for the quality work Vagher Hardwood Floors offers right off the bat. Sometimes a video can better demonstrate an environment/space better than a stagnant photo can. We think this nailed it!

The imagery we generated for the website is also easy to use on social media for announcements. It can be easily repurposed, and easily identifiable as Vagher Hardwood Floors brand!

Vagher Hardwood Floors is a hardwood floor installation provider serving the Denver Metro Area. Owner Mike Vagher has been operating the business for 33 years, providing residences with custom flooring, handrails, and staircases. He offers Solid hardwood flooring, pre-finished, engineered, laminate, or luxury vinyl floors. Tour the website here.

*Note: Cattywampus Club did not provide copywriting services for Vagher Hardwood Floors. All copy was provided by Mike. Most project job images were not taken by Cattywampus Club. They are Mike's own images.

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